International Anarchist and Anti-authoritarian Radio Broadcast

On Sunday 30rth of April 2017, the participants of the International Gathering of Anarchist and Anti-authoritarian Radios that is taking place in Athens, Greece, will do a 8-hour live radio broadcast from 11am to 8pm, that can be listened to through an online stream (links below!).

The programme will include shows about a variety of international political issues. Members of all self-organized radio stations that are participating in the meeting will contribute to the preparation and the presentation of these shows.

Main radio stream:

Alternative radio streams:
(All day)

Until 17:45

Help us spread the information about the online radio broadcast that will be done this Sunday. Please share this information with your comrades and all those interested through your channels of communication!

Radio projects (radio stations, radio shows and podcasts) from different parts of the world will be participating.

* A-Radio Berlin (Podcast, Berlin, Germany)
* FrequenzA (Podcast, Hamburg, Germany)
* Crna Luknja (Show, Ljubljana, Slovenia)
* A-Radio Vienna (Show, Vienna, Austria)
* Radio Libertaire (Station, Paris, France)
* The Final Straw (Show, North Carolina, USA)
* Radio Kurruf (Station, Walmapu, territorio dominado por el estado de Chile)
* Radio Pirata 103.3 fm (Station,Valparaiso, territorio dominado por el estado de Chile)
* Radiozones of Subversive Expression (Station, Athens, Greece)
* 1431AM (Station, Thessaloniki, Greece)
* Radio Parasita (Station, Volos, Greece)
* Radio Psalidi (Station, Rethymno, Greece)
* Radio Revolt (Station, Thessaloniki, Greece)
* 105FM (Station, Mytilene, Greece)
* Radiofragmata (Station, Athens, Greece)
* Dissident Island (podcast, London, UK)
* Radio Negras (station, San Salvador, El Salvador)

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