Thursday at 20:00

We would like to invite you to listen to the next episode of qradio –
our queerfeminist radio show live from Mytilini, Lesvos.
This weeks show will give insights about lgbtiq+ and feminist life in
Turkey. Therefore together with our guest Roza we take a look at the
Gezi resistance and the role of lgbtiq+ movement in it. We will speak
about the Istanbul convention as an agreement about preventing and
combating violence against women and domestic violence and Turkey‘s
withdrawal from it. The  Kurdish feminist movement in Turkey will be as
much a topic as the last 8th of march demonstrations.
And of course there will be a lot of amazing MUSIC…!
So… Check it out, we are loud – we are here, we are queer!
20:00 local (greek)time
19:00 northern european time

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