Thursday at 20:00

We would like to invite you to listen to another episode of qradio – the
queerfeminist radioshow from the european- asian border.
Tonights guest will be Eskimo from Sierra Leone. We want to talk about
how life is going these days in Sierra Leone with a focus on the
realities of lgbtiq+ people living in the country. The laws and also the
society forces many people to leave. We want to examine why Sierra Leone
is still not accepting peoples rights of gender and sexual freedom,
looking at the social, political and religious structure forming the
living circumstances there.
Once one has arrived in Europe there is many struggles continuing and /
or coming up, too and we want to speak about how it feels to start a new
life in Europe, stuck in a border region.
And of course we want to accompany our show with a lot of music we
discover together!
So… Check it out, we are loud – we are here, we are queer!
20:00 local (greek)time
19:00 northern european time

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